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Binalakshmi Nepram | Imagine there’s no gun

India’s leading expert on the impact of small arms on human life also rehabilitates Manipuri women who have survived the violence in the stateFreedom from small arms | Binalakshmi Nepram In the summer of 2012, when thousands of young workers and stud... more >>
Sanjukta Sharma / livemint.com | Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Control Arms Foundation of India (CAFI), formerly known as India Working Group on Arms Control (IWGAC) was established on 10th September 2004 in New Delhi by a group of concerned citizens from diverse backgrounds from different parts of India who are committed to finding solutions to ending ongoing armed violence caused by small arms, light weapons and Improvised Explosive Device (SALWIEDS) proliferation that is going on within the region.
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