India and Humanitarian Disarmament Newsletter – August 2013 Edition

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Greetings from Control Arms Foundation of India and Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network. Welcome to the June 2013 edition of the Disarmament newsletter, which brings you regular updates on work done on the same.

Disarmament has been recognized as a tool to enhance international, national and human security, for states and for people. Only by approaching disarmament in the broadest sense – including the humanitarian and development aspects – can real progress be achieved.

Control Arms Foundation of India, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network in collaboration with Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Millia Islamia organized a film screening and panel discussion on the topic "India and Humanitarian Disarmament” on 21 August 2013, 2 pm to 4 pm at Tagore Hall, Dayare - Mir Taqi Mir, Near Administrative Block, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-25. It was organized in commemoration of the third anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. The film “We Made it Happen” and “Unacceptable Harm” based on Cluster Munitions Convention was screened at the event.
On 23 August 2013, the event “Women Initiative for Peace” took place at Control Arms Foundation of India office, New Delhi. Eminent attendees and panelists of the event included  Ms Mossrat Qadeem Renowned Social Activist and Executive Director of PAIMAN Trust,  Ms Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network;  Ms Ashima Kaul Social Activist  from Jammu & Kashmir, Lt Gen B S Malik PVSM,AVSM, Mr M V Rappai Defence Analyst on Indo-China Relation and Ms Nandini Rao.
In this issue of our newsletter, we have included different sections on 'Humanitarian Disarmament' along with updates on the progress of disarmament from countries around the world.

Please do visit our website and for more details and regular updates.

With kind regards,
Binalakshmi Nepram
Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network
Secretary-General, Control Arms Foundation of India


  1. Independence Movements Grow In Eastern India; Tensions Increase
    Source: FSRN, 5 August 2013
    In India, the creation of a new state,  Telangana,  is fueling similar movements for independence,  especially in eastern parts of the country.  Prabhakar Mani Tewari explains that prolonged strikes and  incidents of violence and arson are growing in Assam and West Bengal states. Read More
  2. India MPs Decry Government Response To Kashmir Violence
    Source: BBC News, 7 August 2013
    Angry opposition MPs have paralysed the Indian parliament in protest over the government's response to Tuesday's killing of five soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir. Read More
  3. ’5 Militants’ Killed In Kashmir
    Source: The Daily Star, 30 August 2013
    At least five militants have been killed in a clash with security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir, police told the BBC. A group of paramilitary troops and police was fired at by militants in the Najwan forest area near Ganderbal district. Read More
  4. Maoist Faith In Guns Has Discredited Left Movement: Prakash Karat
    Source: The Indian Express, 30 August 2013
    The Maoist doctrine of revolution through guns has led to "serious degeneration of revolutionary politics" and discredited Marxism and the Left movement, according t o CPM general secretary Prakash Karat. Read More
  5. A Critical Look At Army-Civilian Dichotomy In Kashmir
    Source: Kashmir Times, 30 August 2013
    In the dark heartlessness of flying bullets, the general name given to all belted forces by locals (Kashmiris) is military/security forces and the 'Army'. Though security forces consist of various agencies like army, state police, CRPF, BSF and others but people simply address all with one collective/common name as 'Army' (the greatest burden of and credibility challenge to army as an organization). Read More


  1. C. Africa Disarmament Operation Sparks Clashes, 11 Dead
    Source: AFP, 21 August 2013
    A UN report said that Djotodia's Seleka fighters, many of whom have not been paid in months, were to blame for much of the chaos and that the group's hierarchy is doing little to stop them. It listed "arbitrary arrests and detention, sexual violence against women and children, torture, rape, targeted killings, recruitment of child soldiers and attacks, committed by uncontrolled Seleka elements and unidentified armed groups throughout the country." Read More
  2. Liberia: Celebrating 10 Years Uninterrupted Peace
    Source: All Africa, 22 August 2013
    During the heat of the war when men were afraid to leave their homes for fear of being conscripted or tortured by rebel forces, it was the women who braved the storm to walk through the deadly checkpoints to find food for their families. Read More
  3. U.N. High Representative For Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane Investigating Alleged Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack
    Source: BRYN MAWR, 27 August 2013
    U.N. High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane ’70, who was on campus in July as a speaker at the 2013 Women in Public Service Project Institute, is in Syria working with the team trying to determine what  chemical weapons might have been used in an Aug. 21 attack near Damascus. Read More
  4. UN, Nigeria Move To Increase Women’s Role In Peace, Security Efforts
    Source: The Guardian, 28 August 2013
    BY the launch of the National Action Plan on United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR 1325) in Abuja Tuesday, the UN and Nigeria are working to increase the roles of women in peace, security and conflict resolution in the country. Read More
  5. To Eliminate WMD We Need To Disarm Patriarchy
    Source:, 30 August 2013
    Civil society must stop the use of chemical weapons being used as a pretext for US-led bombing in Syria. A gendered understanding demonstrates that the only sustainable strategy is to pursue disarmament and strengthen international humanitarian law. Read More
  6. When Liberian Child Soldiers Grow Up
    Source: Newsweek Pakistan, 31 August 2013
    A generation of girls fought in Liberia’s brutal wars. What they tell their own children about the past will inform the country’s future. Read More

  1. ICAN Australia Shows The Way To Abolish Nukes
    Source: IDN, 27 August 2013
    All of Australia’s uranium is exported, including to countries who continue to produce nuclear weapons. The Australian Conservation Fund has consistently opposed uranium mining and worked to highlight the threats it poses to the environment, sensitive ecosystems, Indigenous cultures and local communities. Read More
  2. United Nations Marks International Day Against Nuclear Tests
    Source: UN News Centre, 29 August 2013
    Mr. Ban said that there are “no justifiable grounds for further delay in” preventing the CTBT's entry into force. He added that “it is time to avert any more of the horrific human and environmental effects caused by nuclear tests through a global ban, the most reliable means possible to meet this challenge.” Read More

  1. Cuba Reiterates Need For Total Nuclear Disarmament
    Source: Cuba Headlines, 24 August 2013
    The huge resources currently being allocated to producing weapons, including atomic armament, could be used instead to fight extreme poverty, which is affecting 1.4 billion people in the world, he pointed out, and went on to say that those resources could also be used to feed the over 1 billion people that go hungry on the planet, avoid the death of 11 million children that die from hunger or preventable diseases every year, or to teach some 759 million illiterate adults how to read and write. Read More
  2. Libya Launches National Dialogue Initiative
    Source: Al Arabiya, 25 August 2013
    Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan Sunday announced the launch of a national dialogue initiative to tackle issues ranging from national reconciliation to disarmament, as Libya battles a wave of instability. Read More

  1. U.N. Chief Dispatches Top Official To Syria, Seeks Access To Site Of Alleged Chemical Attack
    Source: The Washington Post, 22 August 2013
    U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday dispatched his top disarmament official to Syria to seek permission for U.N. investigators to visit a Damascus suburb where the Syrian opposition claims chemical weapons were used against civilians. Read More
  2. UN Disarmament Official In Syrian Capital For Chemical Weapons Probe
    Source: RTT News, 24 August 2013
    A senior U.N. disarmament official arrived in Damascus on Saturday seeking access to the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of the Syrian capital in which hundreds of civilians are suspected to have been killed. Read More
  3. UN Chemical Arms Probe In Syria To Start Today As US Ships Sail In Mediterranean
    Source: The Daily News, 25 August 2013
    The Syrian regime yesterday gave the green light for United Nations inspectors to carry out an immediate probe into allegations that chemical weapons were used near Damascus last week. Read More
  4. Venezuela Civilian Militias To Double In Size To One Million
    Source: Latin Times, 29 August 2013
    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced in a speech on Tuesday night that he hopes to boost the numbers of the country's various civilian militias to as many as a million. Read More
  5. For UN Inspectors In Syria, Samples Hold Answers
    Source: Jakarta Globe, 30 August 2013
    With the world watching and a US-led strike on hold, UN inspectors investigating suspected chemical attacks in Syria are under extreme pressure to make sure their findings stand up to the most intense scrutiny. Read More


  1. Pakistan Says World Without Nuclear Weapons Is 'Feasible'
    Source: Global Post, 5 August 2013
    Pakistan has said nuclear disarmament is feasible and should be pursued in a universal manner, echoing the mayor of Hiroshima's call for peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons ahead of the 68th anniversary Tuesday of the atomic bombing of the city. Read More
  2. We All Must Confront The Ferocious Destructive Power Of Nuclear Energy
    Source: The Asahi Shimbun, 6 August 2013
    For decades, nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation have generally been treated as separate issues. But is this the right approach? Japan is the only nation to have experienced nuclear devastation with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 68 years ago. Read More
  3. India And The Nuclear Grey Zone
    Source: ISN, 8 August 2013
    India’s status as a military power is underlined by its possession of nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, India’s nuclear weapons program is not permitted under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and New Delhi has elected to remain outside of the formal non-proliferation regime. Read More
  4. Bloomfield Opinion: Nuclear Disarmament
    Source:, 8 August 2013
    Do you know who the Hibakusha are? Most people don’t. They are the survivors of the 1945 atomic bombings in Japan. Once you hear their horror stories from those days and the days that followed, your view on nuclear weapons is changed forever. Read More
  5. Pakistan: Nuclear Power Alone Can't Guarantee India An Advantage
    Source: One India News, 9 August 2013
    Demands have come up from certain quarters that India should not feel afraid about Pakistan's nuclear blackmail for it itself is a nuclear power too. A joint statement was issued on Friday by retired Indian military, security and intelligence heads demanding talks with the neighbouring country to be stopped. Read More
  6. UK's Nuclear Weapons Being Dismantled Under Disarmament Obligations
    Source: The Guardian, 11 August 2013
    Quietly, slowly and without any fuss, Britain is dismantling its nuclear weapons. Three Trident warheads a year are being moved from the Clyde to the home counties to be taken to pieces, according to evidence seen by the Guardian. Read More 
  7. Nuclear Disarmament: ICFTU Calls For Strengthened Framework
    Source: Political Affairs Magazine, 12 August 2013
    The ICFTU has called for a major strengthening of international efforts to stop nuclear weapons proliferation and ensure nuclear disarmament at the United Nations Conference to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). An ICFTU statement to the Conference was issued at a special trade union seminar in New York, organised in conjunction with the Japanese trade union centre RENGO on 3 May. Read More
  8. China To Share Nuclear Blast Data With Global Monitoring Body
    Source: Yonhap News, 12 August 2013
    China has agreed to share nuclear blast data from its 10 monitoring stations with a global monitoring organization, according to a media report on Monday, in a move expected to put more pressure on North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Read More
  9. North Korea Expanding Nuclear Plant
    Source: DW, 14 August 2013
    A US institute recently revealed North Korea seems to be doubling the size of its Yongbyon nuclear plant, a key uranium enrichment site. Experts view this as a possible attempt by Pyongyang to expand its weapons program. Read More
  10. Chill In US-Russia Relations Dims Disarmament Hopes
    Source: Dawn, 14 August 2013
    The chill in US-Russian relations has dimmed prospects for a slash in America's nuclear weapons arsenal, experts say. Since his historic 2009 appeal in Prague, President Barack Obama has sought to make disarmament a cornerstone of his presidency. But much hinges on Moscow. Read More  
  11. Peace Boat Docks In Cyprus, Activists Call For Banning Of Nuclear Weapons
    Source: Famagusta Gazette, 15 August 2013
    Peace activists traveling on the Japanese “Peace Boat” have conveyed a message of peace and nuclear disarmament during their one day trip to Cyprus. The Japanese “Peace Boat” docked at Limassol Port earlier Thursday for a one day visit, as part of its global voyage itinerary, carrying more than 800 supporters of nuclear disarmament, giving testimony and calling for nuclear abolition. Read More
  12. New Nuclear Weapons For The UK: A Challenge Labour Can’t Dodge
    Source:, 23 August 2013
    The 2015 general election may be this country’s last chance to avoid wasting billions of pounds on new nuclear weapons that one of Labour’s greatest Foreign Secretaries, Robin Cook, condemned as “worse than irrelevant” for addressing 21st century security challenges. Read More
  13. Nuclear Deterrence Is Overrated
    Source: The Hindu, 23 August 2013
    The Indian Navy has figured in three recent, global news items. The launch of the indigenously developed aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, expected to be operational by 2018, makes India only the fifth country after the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and France to have such capability. Read More
  14. Ayatollah Khamenei Renews Call for Nuclear-Free Middle East, Raps Israel
    Source: FARS News Agency, 26 August 2013
    "Having vast WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) arsenals, the corrupt Zionist regime is highly dangerous and a serious threat to the region," Ayatollah Khamenei said in a meeting with visiting Omani King Sultan Qaboos in Tehran on Monday. Read More
  15. Security Without Nuclear Weapons Is Not a Utopian Dream
    Source: Foreign Policy Journal, 28 August 2013
    August 29 marks the UN International Day Against Nuclear Tests and is a timely reminder of the need to maintain international efforts to continue nuclear disarmament.  The ultimate goal of this process should be to rid the world of its Cold War legacy of nuclear weapons and the outdated psychology of nuclear deterrence that underpins their continuing existence. Read More
  16. Ban Ki-Moon Urges Passage Of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
    Source: UPI, 29 August 2013
    U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday urged the passage of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty on the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. Read More
  17. North Korea Withdraws Invite For US Envoy
    Source: WRAL, 30 August 2013
    North Korea has rescinded its invitation for a senior U.S. envoy to travel to Pyongyang to seek the release of a detained American, the State Department said Friday, abruptly dimming hopes for improved relations already strained by the North's nuclear program. Read More


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